We are pleased to share that the following people have been accepted to attend Urbana 2015! Please keep them prayed up as they travel to St. Louis, MO in December for an international missions conference that is sure to be both personally challenging and spiritually encouraging.

Briana White-Sample (Wrangell Corps, Alaska Division)

Mackenzie McQuade (Gresham Corps, Cascade Division)

Michaela McQuade (Gresham Corps, Cascade Division)

Stephanie Guzman (San Rafael Corps, Del Oro Division)

Crystal Berard (Reno Corps, Del Oro Division)

Florenz Tumale (San Jose Temple, Golden State Division)

Sarah Covert (Monterey Corps, Golden State Division)

Sarah Wild (Kaneohe Corps, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)

River Collier (Hilo Temple, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)

Mia Ortiz (Sheridan Corps, Intermountain Division)

Brittnie Pemberton (Aurora Corps, Intermountain Division)

Will Fowler (Coeur d’Alena Kroc, Northwest Division)

Kathryn Pasino (Spokane Corps, Northwest Division)

Nancy Cordero (San Diego Citadel, Sierra Del Mar Division)

Anna Marino (San Diego Kroc, Sierra Del Mar Division)

Marcela Lopez (San Diego Citadel, Sierra Del Mar Division)

Julia Kleemann (Whittier Corps, Southern California Division)

Erica Doyle (Santa Clarita Corps, Southern California Division)

Lorine Desardouin (Las Vegas Citadel, Southwest Division)

Kandis Beyer (Apache Junction Corps, Southwest Division)

Cadet David Aycock (CFOT)

Cadet Joleen Aycock (CFOT)

Cadet Grant Hall (CFOT)

Cadet Mandy Hall (CFOT)