Have you heard of the Salvation Army World Services Office (also known as SAWSO)? SAWSO is the team that manages many of our world services projects. World services projects are The Salvation Army’s way of helping those overseas. Each year, many of our Corps’ do fundraisers and donation campaigns to raise funds to support these projects. SAWSO is based out of The Salvation Army USA’s National Headquarters and is able to accept donations that go directly to support those in need. SAWSO partners with ongoing projects around the world in the areas of Disaster Response & Recovery, Empowerment & Livelihood, and Community Help & AIDS. If a national or global disaster takes place, SAWSO is often able to take donations for relief efforts right away. Many of SAWSO’s projects are in countries that our Service Corps teams have visited over the years. To learn more about SAWSO, visit sawso.org and keep an eye out for a world services fundraiser at a Corps near you!