We are excited to share the following teams and locations for Service Corps 2016. We welcome your prayers and encouragement for our teams as they prepare to serve alongside the exciting ministry happening in each of these locations. Be sure to check out the full announcement video here.

Team Dominican Republic

  • Team Leader: Katie Jo McPhee (Coeur d’Alene Kroc, Northwest Division)
  • Alexandra Arias (Bellflower Temple, Southern California Division)
  • River Collier (Hilo Temple/RevHi, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Sharon Riemers (Riverside Corps, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Viridiana Rios (Santa Cruz Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Joshua Flores (L.A. Central Corps, Southern California Division)

Team Belize

  • Team Leader: Priscilla Hsu (San Gabriel Corps, Southern California Division)
  • Kiara Denis (Santa Cruz Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Sara Hepditch (RevHi, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Naomi Stewart (Kaneohe Corps, Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division)
  • Betsy Miller (Eastside Corps, Northwest Division)
  • Briana Sample (Petersburg Corps, Alaska Division)

Team USA: Boston, New York, Philadelphia

  • Team Leader: Gabriela Lima (L.A. Central Corps, Southern California Division)
  • Shane’na Tate (Long Beach Citadel, Southern California Division)
  • Melanie McQuade (Gresham Corps, Cascade Division)
  • Sarah Covert (Monterey Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Anna Marino (San Diego Citadel, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Jennifer Breazeale (Fresno Citadel, Golden State Division)

Team Czech Republic/Slovakia

  • Team Leader: Victoria Hartt (Yuma Corps, Southwest Division)
  • David Reardon (Seattle Temple, Northwest Division)
  • Sara Ray (Salem Kroc, Cascade Division)
  • Sierrah Barnett (Merced Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Kerrigan McDonald-Ortega (Glendale Corps, Southwest Division)
  • Sebastian Santillan (Visalia Corps, Golden State Division)

Team Ecuador

  • Team Leader: Amelia Jones (SOMA Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Lorine Desardouin (Las Vegas Citadel, Southwest Division)
  • Carlos Olivo (Pomona Corps, Southern California Division)
  • Chloe Kelsey (Cathedral City Corps, Sierra Del Mar Division)
  • Jordan Rodriguez (Visalia Corps, Golden State Division)
  • Flora Cardenas-Bejarano (Modesto Red Shield, Golden State Division)