We are pleased to share the following teams and locations for Service Corps 2017. We welcome your prayers and encouragement for these teams as they prepare for their ministry this summer. The official announcement video can be found on our Sayconnect website: http://www.sayconnect.com/service-corps-2017-teams-and-countries/

Team Philippines

  • Team Leader: Cassy Swain (Santa Cruz Corps, GS Division)
  • Caleb King (Fountain Valley Corps, IM Division)
  • Jarod Howard (San Diego Citadel, SDM Division)
  • Bethany Sheppard (Tacoma Corps, NW Division)
  • Edgar Castaneda (Chico Corps, Del Oro Division)


Team Denmark

  • Team Leader: Shante Wong (El Cajon Corps, SDM Division)
  • Gabriela Wood (Ogden Corps, IM Division)
  • Hannah Bridgeo (Caldwell Corps, CS Division)


Team USA Southern Territory (Georgia/Memphis/ALM Division)

  • Team Leader: Lorine Desardouin (Las Vegas Citadel, SW Division)
  • Maya Rodriguez (El Cajon Corps, SDM Division)
  • Allison Kauffman (Sacramento Citadel, Del Oro Division)
  • Esmeralda Torres (Cathedral City Corps, SDM Division)


Team Peru

  • Team Leader: Jennifer Breazeale (Modesto Citadel, GS Division)
  • Yazil Rodriguez (Santa Fe Corps, SW Division)
  • Katie Mena (Burbank Corps, SC Division)
  • Lillian Contreras (San Jose Temple, GS Division)


Team Singapore/Malaysia

  • Team Leader: Lindsey Chamness (Kauluwela Corps, HIPAC Division)
  • Betsy Miller (Eastside Corps, NW Division)
  • Anna Marino (San Diego Citadel, SDM Division)
  • Katie Gilden (Kauluwela Corps, HIPAC Division)