On February 14th, the SA Justice Department is organizing a LOVE themed flashmob as part of a campaign to help stop the trafficking of women and children in Bangladesh and India who are enslaved to pick cotton that makes our clothes.

Here are some ways you can participate in the flashmob and raise awareness about this social injustice:

1) Get a group of adults, teens, children who enjoy dancing! (the more the merrier – and no-one has to be a dancing expert).

2) Learn the demo dance or create your own! (send erika.hernandez@usw.salvationarmy.org) a quick ‘yes I’m interested’ email and we will send you the dance with instructions!)

3) Identify a suitable location – (suggestions include your local mall, town center, or any highly visible/well populated public place – ideally we want to target ‘commercial’ centers – so wherever there are clothing retail shops is perfect!).

4) Take video or pictures and share them with us on our Facebook page @SAJusticeusw. (PLEASE! – also, send us the details of when and where you are going to be).

5) Give OUT the POSTCARDS about the CAMPAIGN. Invite those who watch your Flash Mob to send a letter to their favorite clothing stores! If you send us the ‘yes we are interested email’ we can send you the postcards and letters asap!

Extra ideas: Go to TradeforHope.com and order red shirts to be dressed all in one color. Or, be incognito and just show up, start the music and start dancing!!!


SA Justice Flyer

SA Justice Flashmob Flyer

Make Fashion Traffik Free Flyer

Make Fashion Traffik Free Letter

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