What is Service Corps?

Service Corps is a summer missions program that provides an opportunity for sacrificial Christian service. Service Corps is designed for Salvation Army senior soldier young adults between the ages of 18-28 who are eager to engage in serving others. Service Corps is focused on building relationships in communities that The Salvation Army serves through intentional service and evangelism.

Service Corps is a life-changing experience where members are challenged spiritually in their stewardship and service to God, as well as learning to adapt to new cultures and living environments. Our desire is that members will draw closer to God and be challenged toward a deeper commitment in ministry and service, while gaining a larger vision of God’s work through their Service Corps experience.

Who can apply for Service Corps?

Salvation Army senior soldier young adults between the ages of 18-28. We are looking for dedicated, responsible Salvation Army young adults who are actively living out their faith in Christ, eager to serve, willing to learn, and who are currently involved in Corps ministry/leadership. Whether you’re stepping out of your comfort zone in missions for the first time or ready for your latest missions adventure, consider making Service Corps a part of your summer plans.

How long is Service Corps?

Summer Service Corps is 8 weeks long including orientation and debriefing. Orientation takes place in the Los Angeles area in early June and debriefing takes place in the San Francisco Bay area at the end of July. Participants are encouraged to attend the Western Youth Institute (WYI) or the Western Music Institute (WMI) following debriefing.

Service Corps also offers a 10 day mission trip option.

Where do we go?

Teams have the opportunity to serve and evangelize alongside The Salvation Army in national and international locations. Teams can be send anywhere in the world where The Salvation Army currently serves.

What will I be doing on Service Corps?

Service Corps is about service! Service often includes leading worship services, day camps for youth, teaching music, teaching English, sports ministry, creative arts, open-air evangelism, community discipleship, and even building projects. Teams serve in additional capacities depending on the needs of their location.

What is the cost?

Accepted summer Service Corps members will be responsible to fundraise $1500 toward their mission trip. Upon successful completion of the Service Corps program, participants will be eligible for an educational grant of up to $3,000.  

Accepted members of the Service Corps 10 Day mission trip will be responsible to fundraise $500 toward their mission trip. Educational grants are not available for the 10 Day mission trip option.

What does the cost cover?

The cost helps cover a portion of the travel, program supplies, and daily expenses while on Service Corps.

What about health insurance?

The Salvation Army provides health insurance for emergencies only while on Service Corps. All participants are encouraged to carry their own personal medical insurance.

How do I get to Service Corps orientation?

Accepted Service Corps members are responsible for their own travel to Los Angeles for orientation. Once at orientation, transportation, lodging, and meal expenses will be covered for the remainder of the mission trip.

How do I raise support?

Fundraising can easily feel really overwhelming, especially at first, but the good news is that with a little planning and creativity, it doesn’t have to be.

Before even you begin your fundraising, be sure to commit to praying for your fundraising efforts. Stress related to making your fundraising goal is an easy distraction from the whole purpose of the mission trip. Secondly, plan ahead and follow through with your fundraisers. Planning ahead will give you extra time to promote and let people know about your fundraiser, which can increase the success of the fundraiser. Planning ahead can also help you make sure that you leave plenty of time to meet your goal well before the fundraising deadline to avoid unnecessary stress. Third, don’t be afraid to ask for help. People generally want to support you and your mission efforts, especially when they understand what you are doing and why. Next, be sure to use your talents and be creative! If there is a skill or craft that you are good at, use it to help you fundraise. Lastly, don’t forget to send thank you letters to those who supported you. It is important to let your supporters know what resulted from their support.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, here are a few ideas to help you get your fundraising started.

  • Send sponsorship letters: Start by generating a list of people in your life who support and encourage what you do. Send a personalized letter detailing where you are going on your mission trip, what you will be doing, and why you are doing it. If your supporters aren’t able to support you financially, encourage them to support you prayerfully.
  • Provide a lunch following Sunday morning service for a small fee: Pick a meal that is easy and cheap to make (ex. Spaghetti) and offer it as a lunch after church for those willing to pay a preset amount per plate.
  • Sell food items/baked items: Make one food/baked item in bulk and sell them by the pair, half dozen or dozen to your neighbors, family, corps members, and (if you’re close enough) neighboring corps or divisional headquarters.
  • Offer to babysit at the corps for a “parent’s night out.”: Promote a night that parents from your corps can drop off their children for an hourly fee with you (and other volunteers), so they can enjoy an evening to themselves.
  • Complete services for corps members, or the corps itself: Offer to shovel, rake, wash windows, or other seasonal appropriate tasks for a preset cost or donations.
  • Offer a morning “coffee shop” before Sunday School at your corps: Borrow a Keurig machine or use your corps’ coffee pot, purchase a few specialty syrups/creamers, and set up a coffee table at your corps’ entrance to sell to corps members as they enter.
  • Utilize seasonal opportunities to sell items that correlate with that season/event: For example, buy flowers in bulk at a flower market for discounted rates and take orders to provide Easter lilies on Easter Sunday or roses on Mother’s day.
  • Use your talents: If you enjoy singing, drama, or dance, offer a dinner theater show in which corps members, family, and friends can buy tickets, enjoy a dinner, and see a show. Get your youth group or other corps young adults involved to ease your duties in the show. Even if you are not a singer, lip sync concerts are really entertaining!
  • Use your division’s Divisional Youth Retreat or Young Adult Retreat as a fundraiser: Check with your DYS before you choose this option. If they give permission, sell candy during free time or ice cream as a late night snack.
  • Sell apparel: Create a design or slogan appropriate to your cause (ie. Service Corps) and have it screen printed onto a shirt, hat, or other piece of apparel to sell.
When is the application deadline?

Summer Service Corps Applications are Due February 1

10 Day Mission Trip Application are TBD

Once I’ve applied, when will I hear back?

Applicants can expect to be contacted for an interview in February. If accepted, teams and locations are announced in March.

When will the 10 day application be available?

The 10 Day Mission Trip Application is “To Be Determined”. Check our website and social media page regularly for updates.